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The BIG FIVE Mugs - Full Collection

Just like Africa has their big five, we have our own... The Fivefold Ministry! So, what we have done is match up each of Africa's best with the Church's best!

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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More


Course Costs to Attend a Single Course

Here in A.M.I.S.A., the training we offer is more than teaching you about the prophetic ministry — it is actually an investment into your calling. An investment which will bear fruit not only in your life, but in the life of everyone you will reach!

Here is how simple it is to attend a single course:

1. Pay the Course Fee

This fee varies depending on which course you want to attend (see list below). Note that your study materials are not included in the course fee.

Course Fee:

Dreams and Visions Course: R 1560
Practical Prophetic Ministry Course: R 1560
Prophetic Foundation Course: R 1560

Prophetic Operations Course: R 1820
Prophetic Training Course: R 1820
Prophetic Warfare Course: R 1820
Prophetic Office Course: R 1820

2. Purchase Your Study Materials

Choose your preferred study material for the course you take from the list below. You have different options.

Course Material

Option 1:
Includes E-Book

Option 2:
Includes E-Book + Book

Dreams and Visions Student Kit R1425 R1750
Practical Prophetic Ministry Student KitR1425 R1750
Prophetic Foundation Student Kit R1425 R1750
Prophetic Operations Student Kit R1625 R2195
Prophetic Training Student KitR1625 R1845
Prophetic Warfare Student KitR1625 R2130
Prophetic Office Student Kit R1625 R1990

To purchase your study materials, visit the AMISA Bookshop:

Terms and Conditions

The course fee must be paid, before the start date of the course you want to attend. However, purchasing the textbook for a course is not mandatory as you may use the classroom library. You can pay via debit card order, PayFast, EFT or in cash.

Courses in the Prophetic School


Next Start Date for this Course:

Way of Dreams and VisionsNot announced yet
Practical Prophetic MinistryNot announced yet
The Prophetic Foundation July 26, 2017
Prophetic Operations September 28, 2017
Prophetic Training September 07, 2017 - open for registrations
Prophetic WarfareNot announced yet
Prophetic OfficeNot announced yet