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Apostolic Leadership Workshop

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Your Part to Play in the Prophetic Move
It will no longer be about big prophetic seminars and the "great prophet" with their umpteen revelations, to draw the glory to themselves. Instead, the Lord is establishing the prophet in local churches across the world. To equip, build up and above all, to cause the Bride to fall in love with Her Savior. Click Here to Read More


Prophetic Training School Courses

- AMISA University -

Course 1 - The Way of Dreams and Visions

prophetic dreams and visions course

God reveals many secrets through dark sayings. This course shines the light into your own dreams a visions giving you the tools to interpret for others and use it as a ministry tool. Increase the occurrence of prophetic dreams, clear visions and soon your ministry will explode in many directions.

Students are taught how to deal with deception, interpret for others and to increase their sensitivity towards hearing God through Dreams and Visions.

...Learn more about the Christian Dreams and Visions Course

Course 2 - The Practical Prophetic Ministry

Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Prophetic Ministry

Considered by many as a "mentor in a book" this course will literally release you into prophetic training. Candid and applicable to every prophet, you will know where you stand and the next step to take in your prophetic ministry call. more about the Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

Course 3 - The Prophetic Foundation

This is your first step towards Prophetic Office. As a prophet you will find out what you were called to do and how you are meant to fulfill that function in the church practically.

From learning to develop the gifts to enter into a new realm of prophetic decree, this prophetic foundation sets you in good standing to rise up as a prophetic leader in the Body of Christ. more about the Prophetic Foundation Course

Course 4 - Prophetic Operations

This is the most practical of all our courses and will literally impart the prophetic anointing to you. You will receive revelation and flow in all the gifts like never before. You will learn to hear God in 7 different ways.

You will never be restricted in your prophetic revelation or your function as a prophet again! more about the Prophetic Operations Course

Course 5 - Prophetic Training

Prophetic Training

16 Prophetic Training Lectures that will take your hand through the processes of both Prophetic Preparation and Prophetic Training. If you have been looking for that 'edge' of authority, then you need Prophetic Training.

...learn more about the Prophetic Training Course

Course 6 - Prophetic Warfare

Prophetic Warfare Course

The prophet is called to engage in spiritual warfare at the highest level. Take warfare to a new level in your times of intercession. Then take your authority and learn to bring deliverance to others.

From dealing with demon manifestations to identifying deception, you will be armed with everything you ever needed to know and experience in Prophetic Warfare more about the Prophetic Warfare Course

Course 7 - Prophetic Office

Prophetic Warfare Course

Is there something missing in your prophetic ministry? What is missing is Prophetic Office! Clearly identify once and for all if you have attained to prophetic office and also if you have that prophetic authority.

Counsel prophetically, unite your family and your prophetic call as well as standing in the fullness of prophetic authority! more about the Prophetic Office Course


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